Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Snow Globe Life

So it's snowing again outside my window today. But it's a different kind of snowfall. My favorite of all.

It's the type of snowfall where each snowflake is quite large and visible; each falls slowly from the heavens. It's almost as if God is dropping each one individually. There seems to be this sense of serenity which is eluded during this snowfall. It's is quite tranquilizing. The sun barely shines today, but it shines enough to catch each snowflake and cause there to be a glittering sensation as they fall to the ground. It looks like the world outside is the inside a snow globe. As if someone has shaken everything up and now the flakes are slowly drifting back towards earth. I wish I could capture the snowfall in a picture, but this is something that must be seen with someone's eye. A picture would mass all the snowflakes together and loose the individuality of each. Each as it comes to rest upon the ground, a park bench or a parked car. Each as it accumulates into the masses of snow already fallen.

It's finally become winter in MN, I suppose. We had a strangely warm winter until New Year's Eve; barely a scratch of snow. Now it snows regularly. At least it keeps me going through the cold, right?

Hope your day is brilliant and sparkles all around you. :)

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