Friday, January 12, 2007

Bedraggled Winnings - Part Two

Your bedraggled winnings have eaten away at you. They've caused you to question and wonder why you won, why didn't someone else fight against you. You might be satisfied with having the gain attained, but you can't quite settle on the path which you attained it.

What if that revolting article has become revolting only due to your selfishness? Maybe you just despised that prize possession because you selfishly wanted to win it the way you wanted. Life changed and well, a new situation came about for you to win.

Maybe you should count it a blessing that you gained so easily or in a new manner. Maybe God reached out and touched you. Maybe, just maybe you were on the up for once.

Can you not just smile and keep the prime article on the grand stand? Is it going to eat away at you, the winning.

Happiness, very conditional. You loose happiness because you haven't fought the fight you'd like to have fought. Why must there be a battle? Can you not just be satisfied?

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